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House of the Flying Dragon - Very hard via ferrata route suited for experienced mountain lovers

House of the Flying Dragon - Very hard via ferrata route suited for experienced mountain lovers
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One hard via ferrata with multiple overhanging sections and a suspended bridge

The route contains exposed and overhanging sections, with many natural holds and very a lot of artificial steps, with some technical climbing sections and a suspended bridge.

The route requires experience with via ferratas and even rock climbing knowledge. There are many artificial holds but the overhanging area is very long.

Those who enter the route must have suitable mountain shoes with grippy soles and be prepared for demanding situations both physically and mentally (overhangs at a high height, suspended on the metal wires of the bridge, sections with very few steps).

The route swallows, like any real dragon, the first version of the Casa Zmeului climbing route (moved in the meantime a bit further to the right, after the historical ruin) and intertwines quite closely with the multi-pitch route.

The material contribution to this via ferrata was from Salvamont (financed by CJ), the CASSIO Montana club coming with the project, and some volunteer work.

The route has a level difference of 120 m and a cable length of 180 meters, including a 30-meter suspension bridge.

The route starts very close to the historical ruin of Vama Sării. The bridge also offers great views.

The first part, about 70 meters of compact wall, is quite difficult and demanding, being, with a few exceptions, a continuous overhanging area.

Then you cross the ridge and enter a short section that is just good for a break. Continue beneath the zipline from the Zburatorul climbing route and reach the base of a spur.

The spur has some overhanging areas at the beginning, interrupted by a terrace. The section ends next to a beautiful linden tree hanging on the wall after which it crosses to the right for the bridge.

After the bridge, there is a final spur and you go out into the forest at the highest point of the gorge.

The routes built by the CASSIO Montana club, a non-profit organization, were based on donations and volunteering. To support the development of other routes and the maintenance of the existing ones, you can donate any amount.

Equipment: Mandatory helmet, harness, and special lanyard for via ferrata, provided with a shock absorption mechanism plus 2 special carabiners for via ferrata, with which we do not permanently secure the metal surface of the route. Optional, gloves.

Withdrawal: Withdrawal from the route is available on the path through the forest and in 15-20 minutes from there you reach back to the parking lot.

Via Ferrata Stats
Area Vadu Crișului, Bihor County
Grade C
Length 120m
Elevation gain 80m
GPS Acces 46°58’33.2″N 22°30’27.5″E or 46.974972,22.507750
GPS Start 46°58’16.4″N 22°30’48.8″E or 46.971230,22.513550
Access path duration 10min
Route Duration 45min
Withdrawal duration 20min
Withdrawal Footpath

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