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Alchemy - One long and beautiful escalade route suited for beginners

Alchemy - One long and beautiful escalade route suited for beginners
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One long and beautiful escalade route bolted for beginners

Alchemy is an easy climbing route near Vadu Crisului, Bihor County.

The entrance is after the entrance of the Via Ferrata Mocănița as you climb higher on the footpath.

The route can be completed in complete safety even by less experienced climbers. Bolts are very frequent precisely so they can be lead climbed even by beginners.

The top is provided with a double-fixed quickdraw, for the safety disassembly reminder.

The grade of the route is 5 (maybe slightly towards 5+, although respecting the tradition of strong grades in Vad it is rather 5).

There are plenty of holds of all sizes. As long as you shift your center of gravity and use your feet wisely the route has no crux to solve.

The route was bolted in 2002 by Adrian Paută and Mândras Valentin. It was reequiped by Răzvan Moșoiu and Adrian Paută in February 2021. Service volunteer Vlad Zaha (thank you).

This redevelopment was also possible thanks to a benefactor who financed part of the materials needed for the work. Thanks this way once again. We also have to thank the volunteers who braved the rain, fog, and cold to make this project possible.

Area Vadu Crișului (Bihor)
Quickdraws 13
Rope 50m
Bolts 12mm Fixe
Grade 5+
Length 25m
Elevation gain 20m
Access path duration 15min
Withdrawal Rapel

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