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12 May2024 Green Week at the Cetariu school
cassiomontana 0 97
Green week caught us at the Benedek Elek Secondary School in Cetariu. No less than 30 children had the pleasure of experimenting with climbing knots, getting to know the specific climbing equipment, c..
16 Apr2024 Why 7 years of building via ferratas were important?
cassiomontana 0 209
Who are the people climbing via ferrata?Last weekend we made a new friend, five-year-old Vlad. He came with his parents for the first via ferrata of his life?The 15-minute climbing session extended to..
26 Mar2018 33 Years of Climbing
cassiomontana 0 174
The club emerged in the early 1980s around the core of Infratirea Oradea (climbers and speleologists).Industrial mountaineering was carried out and mountaineering and caving "tools" were produced.They..
23 Sep2017 A new project for a new via ferrata area in Șuncuiuș
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After this year we finished the project of the newest via ferrata in Vadu Crișului, it didn't take us long to get back to work.We recently finished the measurements for a real leisure complex in Şuncu..
16 Apr2016 Mountaineering & climbing with QR code at Vadu Crișului
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Last week we installed the first two QR-code plates. These are the first two out of twenty and they will cover all the climbing routes arranged by our club over the years in the Vadu Crișului - Șuncui..
14 Jan2016 The first climbing wall in Oradea
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The first artificial holds mounted on a climbing wall in OradeaIn the beginning there was the rock. And then the climbing walls appeared...In the early 2000s, in the premises of the CASSIO Montana clu..
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