The club emerged in the early 1980s around the core of Infratirea Oradea (climbers and speleologists).

Industrial mountaineering was carried out and mountaineering and caving "tools" were produced.

They also participate in various mountaineering, caving, mountain rescue and speo-rescue meetings (all under the auspices of Infratirea).

Among the people from that time we mention: Dorel Borodan, Pauta Adrian, Pauta Eugenia (Gina), Kokes Ioan, Pantis Ferenc (Pufi), Letea Mircea, Kovacs Laszlo, Cosma Adrian, Benedek Tamas (Tomi), Marius Vecan, Iuhasz Robert, Csabi "Eger", Sabau Ioan (Jony), Mihes Dorel etc...

In 1984, this group was configured and constitutes the founding nucleus of the club (respectively the year of the club's establishment). It was also then that the pitoning of the large overhangs from the Great Walls of the Vad began, the action being completed in 1987 (and the routes being homologated in 1989). On this occasion, the active people in the club spoke highly.

Also, in the period 1985-1987, 5 editions of the SPAL speo-alpine school are held (3 summer editions and 2 winter editions), on which occasion the core of the club members develops and strengthens, the (alpine) club acquiring a distinct personality (not even legal). We mentioned that the mentor of these schools was the late Niculae Baticu, of whom we have strong memories (and who certainly left his mark on the club's effigy).

From 1984 to 2004, the club organized (sometimes less, sometimes with full success) 20 editions of the Alpiniade from Vadu Crisului/Suncuius.

He also participated in domestic or international mountaineering/climbing championship cups and stages, where he obtained distinctions and medals that can be seen on the Club website in the section dedicated to trophies. Here we mention Sedevi Imre, Pauta Raluca, Lascu Sebastian, Radulescu Catalin, Szabo Maria, Solosi Stefan. You can also see the performances of other sections (chess, navomodelism, astronomy, paragliding, respectively led by Rat Dan, Rat Calin, Olari Mihai and Vida Gyorgi) in the respective section.

The club has also organized (and financially supported - including through industrial mountaineering) expeditions in Europe (Caucasus, Alps, Pyrenees, Tatra), Asia (Thien Shan), South America (Cordiliera Blanca), and in 2018 we will add Africa (Atlas); as well as climbing in Spain, France, Italy, Austria, Crimea, Poland, Bulgaria, Greece. Here we note Pauta Adrian, Pinter Istvan, Lukacs Liviu, Kovacs Laszlo, Benedek Tamas, Pauta Eugenia, Vida Gyorgi, Mosoiu Razvan, Mandras Valentin.

The members of the club have set up several climbing, climbing and via ferrata routes in the Crisului Repede Gorge (you can see it concretely in the "topo" section on the Club CASSIO Montana Oradea website).

The club built by its own forces a club headquarters with meeting room, equipment store, maintenance workshop, climbing room (the first climbing room in the city - still the most spacious)... unfortunately the building was recently demolished .

We can say that a generation has passed... with good and bad, but also with many achievements.

We hope that the new generation will carry on the legacy left, towards new "heights".

The "old guard" wishes them full success!

And above all, let's not forget the words of Nea Baticu: "Step on the rock, don't hang yourself from it".