Who are the people climbing via ferrata?

Last weekend we made a new friend, five-year-old Vlad. He came with his parents for the first via ferrata of his life?

The 15-minute climbing session extended to almost 1 hour and he just couldn't get enough.

Five year old Vlad climbing via ferrata Piticot

One more round?
Yes. One more.
Can I go?
Go, Vlad!

And then we could hear him shouting: Hop ș-așa! Hop ș-așa!

After the kids via ferrata Piticot, Vlad decided with his parents that he should start climbing lessons because he is really talented.

This is just one example of people coming to get their first experience of climbing and realizing they love the mountains.

Are you sure the via ferrata experience changed their life?

The same day, during the afternoon, we went with our group of volunteers for a short climbing session at the newly reequipped Nostradamus wall. There we found Slagi, a friend of ours from a via ferrata group. They climbed with us, 2 years ago in Vadu Crisului, the House of the Dragon via ferrata route.

And what was Slagi doing? Yes, the photo shows her climbing. That's where she got after trying a via ferrata route.

She told us she fell in love with climbing, decided to get the proper climbing equipment and much of her free time is now up on the wall with her climbing shoes on.

Why build 5 via ferratas in 7 years?

Why use hundreds if not thousands of volunteering hours to build 5 via ferrata routes? Why spend thousands of euros on such a project when we are an alpine sporting club?

7 years is a lot. Remember when we started with our first via ferrata route - The Hammock Cave, Vlad was not even conceived. And now he is starting down the same love for the mountains road Slagi started 2 years ago.

So for all the questions we received in the last 7 years, the purpose of our work on such a project was to convince people mountains are not scary or dangerous if you learn how to climb responsable. And now we can see the results. Vlad, Slagi, and many others (some of them are members of our club) are the proof for that.