Green week caught us at the Benedek Elek Secondary School in Cetariu. No less than 30 children had the pleasure of experimenting with climbing knots, getting to know the specific climbing equipment, climbing together with the club volunteers, and making the first rappel in their lives.

The atmosphere was relaxed and we could see how all the children aged 10 to 15 got the courage to overcome their fears and experience such activities that are otherwise inaccessible to them.

We were happy to see that we are popularizing this sport which is very safe and healthy but especially highly recommended for children. They also drew our attention to the fact that all activities carried out in nature must take place with maximum respect for the environment.

The children asked us to tell you that they liked it, that they want more, and that they also recommend you to choose climbing activities with our club volunteers so that these pro bono activities can take place in as many schools as possible. The pictures say everything about their mood and the unique experience they had.